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French for the workplace

'Would you like to improve your current French language skills?'

This accredited course is designed for a public who already have some competence in everyday French but who wish to develop it for use in commercial, professional and workplace settings. The course progresses through 3 levels (Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced).

Languages for work (OCR): French for the Workplace

The modules for French are designed for people who wish to acquire a sound knowledge of French for professional purposes. All taught by native speakers, they seek to provide quality learning for:

  • Managers or employees whose work involves communication in French.
  • Professionals involved with France/ francophone countries and who would like to familiarise themselves with the world of work in those countries.
  • Students who want to add a language qualification to their studies or who intend to work/study in France/francophone countries.
  • People who travel or spend long periods of time in France/francophone countries and need to acquire a high level of cultural awareness and working linguistic knowledge.

Key features

  • A primary focus on French for the workplace (see below for syllabus)
  • Prerequisite: A basic foundation in everyday French, but no previous knowledge of business or workplace French required. A Placement Test at start of course will determine your level.
  • 3 levels: preliminary (15 credits) / intermediate (20 credits)/ advanced (25 credits) – dependent on result of Placement Test
  • Native French tutors with a solid knowledge of French business environment.
  • Access to state-of-the-art interactive software (includes speech recognition)
  • Programme costs start from £42.00 for preliminary level
  • Externally assessed, internationally recognized qualification
  • OCR award, linked to Common European Framework
  • Option of sitting the Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie de Paris examinations
  • Evening class, running from 6pm to 9pm
  • This course will be delivered by the School of Modern Languages (Faculty of Arts) at the University of Ulster. For more information on other language courses available at the University of Ulster see:

  • Costs

  • Preliminary level Part 1 PPD068 (5 credits) £42.00
  • Preliminary level Part 2 PPD069 (10 credits) £84.00
  • Intermediate level Part 1 PPD070 (10 credits) £84.00
  • Intermediate level Part 2 PPD071 (10 credits) £84.00
  • Advanced level Part 1 PPD072 (10 credits) £130.00
  • Advanced level Part 2 PPD073 (15credits) £171.50

  • Level 1- Preliminary French

  • Social and professional first contacts (introductions, giving simple information on a business, hotel, restaurant, museum, products or services, wlecoming visitors)
  • Professional environment and exchanges (describing environment, directions, schedules, times)
  • Administrative exchanges (making appointments, organising visits, welcoming clients, organising exhibitions, enquiring about prices and costs)
  • Telephone exchanges (spelling, numbers, leaving simple messages)
  • Travels/placements abroad: Airport, train travels, tourist board, hotel, post office (asking for timetables, costs, booking hotel,restaurant,)
  • Reading skills (understanding simple visual stimuli, prospectus, timetables, adverts, administrative documents)
  • Written skills: (filling in simple forms, taking notes, writing short messages and emails)

  • Level 2- Intermediate French

  • Introduction to business organisation
  • Presentation of a business (talking about job, experience, professional projects)
  • Figures and charts (comment on results, compare, express opinion)
  • Employment (job search, CV writing, interviews)
  • Seminars, trade fairs (booking a stand, making arrangements, describing products)
  • Telephone (leaving lengthy messages, taking order, confirming information, complain about delays and cancellations)
  • Reading skills: understanding more complex documents
  • Written skills: (writing letters, taking notes and writing more complex documents)

  • Level 3- Advanced French

  • Company (organisation, management, structure, evolution and history)
  • Company and its personnel: (recruitment, training, Unions, French social and work legislation)
  • Accounts and financial organisation
  • Company and clients (launching a product, market study, advertising, orders, delivery, invoices, exports)
  • Transport (costs and charges)
  • Socio economic environment (growth, inflation, unemployment, politics, Europe)
  • Oral communication: face to face interviews and meetings, making a report, conversation on phone, commenting on statistics)
  • Convincing, selling, marketing.
  • Written and aural skills: (taking notes, understanding lengthy messages, filling in forms and writing lengthy letters, faxes and emails)
  • Progression routes at the University of Ulster:

    Diploma in French: (on successful completion of Advanced level entry to Year 2 of the Diploma may be allowed)

    BA Hons French with Combinations

    BA Hons Applied Languages and Translation

    Venue: Belfast Campus, University of Ulster, York Street Belfast
    Start Date: September 2012
    To apply: Lorraine Lavery-Bowen
    Phone: 02890366695

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