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2014/15 Digital Literacy for Learning Partners (Primary Curriculum P4-P7)

Location Any Ulster Campus
Level Undergraduate
Credit Points 5
Start Date The course can be started at any time

The Programme

The aims of this module are to:
  • Develop an understanding and awareness of ICT in the primary curriculum for 7-11 years.
  • Encourage awareness of incorporating various types of ICT in ways that give primary carers meaningful opportunities to develop their individual skills.
  • Support primary carers in the development of their curret ICT skills base.>/li>
  • Enhance online communication skills, through web based discussion via eLearning
  • Encourage reflective consideration of possible strategies to support the positive and well managed use of ICT in the home.
  • Support the development of a culture of learning within the home setting.


Any Ulster Campus


This course is worth 5 credits, should you wish to accumulate credit towards an award.


Please contact for information on fees.

These undergraduate short courses sit within the Certificate of Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), which lets you study a variety of accredited modules (from 5 to 20 credits), regardless of your previous qualifications or experience.

CPPD modules are totally flexible study as many or as few as you want, with no time limit. Once you're accumulated 60 credits, you will be awarded an Undergraduate Certificate in Personal and Professional Development from the University.

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How do I apply?

The following page explains the Undergraduate short course application procedure.